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Decoresine pavimenti e rivestimenti in resina Firenze


Light and heavy mechanical sector, steel and iron sector, laboratories and warehouses

Without expansion joints, except technical and structural ones. Waterproof, dustproof and chemiresistant. Excellent wear resistance, static and rolling stress resistance. Available in one colour only. Especially designed for industrial applications. Manufactured in compliance with EEC regulations. Class 1 fire-proof Ministerial Decree dtd. 26/06/84.

It is very versatile for its technical applications and can be used in almost all fields, except pharmaceutical and military sector.

Recovery and restoration without demolition of any existing support, such as broken, cracked or worn tiles which do not comply with the regulation in force 626; short laying times; low thicknesses with high mechanical capacity; excellent wear resistance; dustproof, antislip, possible correction of the existing surface; guarantees according to law.

Epoxy resin multilayer system flooring without application of solvents but enriched with quartz sand, thickness from 3 to 5 mm according to final destination and relevant requirements.

Electronic and information technology sector, antideflagrating areas

Ideal for electronic, information technology and pharmaceutical sector, chemical laboratories and antideflagrating areas. Manufactured according to law.


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